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 Low-Cost Shredding & Data Destruction

Confidence Ridge charges far less than other shredding companies.  The savings for just one job can be in the hundreds of dollars.  We use NSA-compliant methods to secure and shred documents.  Confidence Ridge also securely and permanently destroys hard drives, cell phones and all other types of storage disks and devices.  You can drop off your documents and devices at our Merced facility, located at 1869 Grogan Ave., near the airport.  Or we can come to your location and pick up your documents at no extra charge.  Either way, your documents are kept under lock and key until they are destroyed.

Affordable Rates

 Document shredding: 50¢/pound.
Hard Drives and other large storage devices: $40.00
Cell phones: $25

You can pay by cash or credit card.  Large commercial accounts can usually be billed.

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