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Confidence Ridge generally charges less than 1/2 what our competition charges.  We will not be undersold.

Secure, Mobile Data Destruction

Confidence Ridge can properly shred your personal documents as well as destroy hard drives, cell phones and other devices.  We use NSA-approved methods to ensure that your information cannot be stolen or recreated.

Now We’re Mobile!

Confidence Ridge now has a new mobile unit that we can bring to your location to destroy documents, hard drives, cell phones and other devices.  You can also drop off your shredding at our shop located at 1869 Grogan in Merced!

Residential Data Destruction

Garage full of old files? Time to purge? Let us securely destroy your private documents and storage devices! Simply schedule an appointment for our mobile unit to destroy your data onsite.  We also offer to pick up any volume of documents to destroy in our shop at a lower charge.  You can also drop off your documents and devices at our shop any time Monday – Friday from 8-5.

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Business Data Destruction

Businesses have a responsibility to protect their clients and customers by purging documents and storage devices in a timely fashion. Contracts, applications and other paperwork containing personally identifiable information must be destroyed before they can be stolen and used against your clients or customers.


   Insured and Bonded

Confidence Ridge is fully insured and bonded against the loss of your data.  No one can match our guarantee and no one will take better care in destroying your data, securely and permanently.

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